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Hey, I’m Tony. My marketing journey started over 10 years ago – back when this site was called Preeminent Productions. I actually started in the print and web design industry but dipped my toes into marketing when clients would occasionally ask about getting more people onto their websites.

Around 2014, after successfully growing web traffic and sales for enough clients, word was spreading about our marketing success.
PPC and SEO requests were flowing in, so I made the full switch away from web design, and haven’t looked back since!

Since then we’ve helped new and established businesses be found online and grow (literally opening new locations!), helped marketing managers succeed (through our consulting) and consistently grow eCommerce store revenue multiple years in a row.

I now have a small, hand-picked, remote team who work closely with me and can confidently carry out successful client marketing strategies across Organic, Paid and Social channels.

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