I have returned to the infamous Hartl book course. I attempted it as my very first go with Rails, and I certainly wasn’t ready for it. Now that I’ve gone through the Rails Apps and Baserails courses, I figured it was time to circle back around.

Things have gone much better this time around, but I did hit a big snag recently. I learned a good lesson because of it though. In chapter 3 of the Hartl book, we are asked to do the command:

$ rails generate controller StaticPages home help –no-test-framework

I threw all sorts of errors within terminal. Like normal, I posted the question on Stackoverflow, and got a few suggestions and answers. The first suggestion sort of sent me on a wild goose chase, but I was appreciative that someone was trying to help.

Finally someone came by to let me know that my issue was probably due to having more than one version of Rails installed on my computer. Sure enough! I checked what I had on the computer, and there was definitely two versions installed. I had the newest version of Rails installed while doing the previous courses, but Hartl recommends using specific version numbers of all gems in his book. The Rails gem we are to use was an older version. Now I know that I need to specify what version to use when doing the “Rails New” command in terminal:

rails _4.0.5_ new my_rails_app_name

Since I was only on chapter 3 I just started over with a fresh rails app using the right command this time. Now I’m good to go! For now. ūüôā