Still going strong! I recently finished the Hartl book course, but I did decide to go through it without doing the tests. It was just too much for me right now. I do plan to return to it soon and go back through doing all the tests and extra exercises.

I’ve decided to go forward with Isement instead of Sception for now. The reasoning is that I told myself in January that I would launch something this year, and half of the year is over already! Since Isement is well on it’s way to being useable already, I feel that I should try and make this work.

As I continue to learn more about Rails, I will work on Isement, and add needed features. I don’t want to go too far with it, features wise, until I’ve further validated it, but there are some things I feel need to be added before I start driving traffic to some sort of landing page. As with all marketplaces, the whole “chicken and egg” thing will certainly be an issue with something like this. I hope I can learn what works, and share that along the way as well.

Speaking of continuing to learn Rails, I was thrilled recently when Ryan Carson of Treehouse announced their Code Oregon project! I signed up right away, and I’ve begun to take the first Rails beginner course. Most of it so far has been what I’ve done previously in other learning courses, but that is what it’ll take to make sure this all sinks into my brain! Repeat, repeat, repeat! I need to be able to start simple rails projects without watching videos. That is a small goal I have for July.


Hey folks! I ended up going with Michael Hartl’s massively popular (for a reason) Ruby on Rails tutorial course to learn Rails. I highly recommend you do the same.
Check it out here.