I’ve finished the first course available on Baserails.com! The whole course was a ton of fun. Alex shows and explains everything very well and is pretty thorough. My demo app is up, but I do want to continue to develop it more. Because of Baserails, I now have a fantastic starter app that can be turned into something even more robust.

While finishing up Alex’s course, I did run into a problem that we couldn’t fix at first. We are working with CoffeeScript and Stripe to handle payments for our app. At one point in the course, we write some javascript that should be sending a test alert to the browser when trying to submit a form without anything entered into the fields. This code is later edited to send our customer’s credit card token to Stripe. I couldn’t get any javascript to work at all. It wasn’t manually turned off, it just wouldn’t work. Have no clue why. Alex did mention in the video that Turbolinks can cause issues with javascript sometimes, and we just need to make sure that Turbolinks is turned off for certain buttons in our app.

You do that by adding this to your button:

, data: { no_turbolink: true }

Even after adding that to the button in question, saving, and restarting my local server, I still couldn’t get any javascript to work. I started looking around, and found this gem here, called Jquery Turbolinks. Like it says, add it to your gem file, do a bundle install, and it just works! Now javascript is working.

I’m happy it’s working now, but in the future I hope I can figure out exactly why I needed the gem in the first place.

Even though I think that Isement could be something that might actually be used, I have to remember that my main focus needs to be continuing to learn Rails so that I can properly build Sception. I have a planner that I try and stick to. I’ll probably write in a day every two weeks or so, for Isement.

As far as where to go next for learning, I’m going to return to the Hartl tutorial. I attempted that in the very beginning and was scared away very quickly! Now that I have a better grasp of things, it’s time to go back.