May 2014

Learning Rails Week 7 & 8

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I've been following along with this great video course on BaseRails, from Alex Yang. Alex walks you through starting a Rails app from scratch. He explains what gems are needed, styling your app with Bootstrap, [...]

April 2014

Learning Rails Week 6

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I had to take a month or so off from learning rails to work on client projects, so obviously this isn't going to be consecutive, but I'm back at it again with "Rails For Zombies". [...]

February 2014

Learning Rails Week 5

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I'm extremely happy to report that I've finished the excellent Rails book from Daniel Kehoe, and I was able to get my little test site pushed to Heroku! When I started looking into how I [...]

Learning Rails Week 2

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This post could really have gone into the first post about deciding to learn rails, but I didn't want it to become a long book. If you didn't read last week's post, I have decided [...]

January 2014

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